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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The sun was just beginning to make its appearance. Shades of pink, yellow and orange hovered above the horizon as I looked out over the lake. The morning sky was beautiful and life on the lake was beginning to awake. A family of ducks swirled across the rippling water. I was distracted from the beauty as I heard a small voice call out to me.

It had been two weeks since Josiah's spinal surgery. He was now home in my care recovering. I was just beginning to feel comfortable moving him around and the night before I had actually manged to move him myself for the first time.

Surgery had went well, though Josiah had lost quite a bit of blood. His incision seemed to be healing good and he was asking for pain meds less often. Turning him every few hours was still very important and like a clock he seemed to wake up letting me know it was time. Sleeping next to his bed on a recliner had become my new resting place, making it easier for me to be there for him.

I rolled Josiah over slowly to his side. Swiftly I worked positioning pillows to aide in keeping his body as straight as possible. Tucking him in again I bent in to give him a light kiss on his forehead. Josiah was already drifting back to sleep by the time I curled back into the recliner.

I was so happy to have the surgery behind us. The care that was needed now to meet his needs left me most days drained. But we were managing. With the help of my sister Marie, my brother in-law Bill and my eldest son Zach, we had a system in play that worked.

It seemed I hardly had enough time to shut my eyes and my Josiah was calling for me again.