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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The compound had calmed down some, at least for now it seemed.  An occasional cry or moan  could be heard from Zach where he rested in  labored breathing.  Perspiration dripped from his brow as his body twitched and jerked with waves of  pain.   Josiah dabbed at his forehead slightly with the end of his shirt sleeve and then exchanged glances with Cody.  No words were needed between the two men for the moment.  What they shared in thought was almost transparent on their tired faces.  They both knew they needed to get help now, somehow, if  Zach  was to have a chance at surviving.  Josiah rubbed his brown eyes with  the back of his hand, the only clean spot left that had not been splattered with blood,  or shreds of  bodily organs.     His eyes  were  blood shot red and burned slightly.  His  throat felt dry and hoarse as he spoke softly to Cody.  "How are you holding up man?".  He said, hoping he felt better than he looked.  "Tired, and I gotta tell ya, scared.  How is he doing?" Cody motioned to Zach, then paused  for a second before adding. "How do his eyes look?"  "Not sure-he's still breathing but he is in and out of consciousness.  We need to get him out of here now.   Do you think you have the strength to carry him while I fight off what ever else it out there?" Josiah said .   "Sure, How many more of those things are we gonna have to fight?  How many more lives are we going to loose?" Cody asked not really directing it at Josiah, almost as though he was thinking out loud.  Cody looked at Eve who rested next to him, after he spoke.  He knew she did not know much more than himself but deep down inside he wished she could to tell him there would be  no more mad men inside lurking around.  He wanted to get her and himself and the others away from there.  He wanted the back up help to be there- now. More importantly he wanted this nightmare to be over.  

Eve looked back into Cody's eyes silently. She had no answers for him.  She had lost count of the bodies that had been infected.   As hard as she tried she just could not recall the roster of the on duty night staff for the previous night.  She vaguely remembered the study enrol lees,  Tears ran silently down her pretty  face, as the images of her staff flashed through her mind. Suddenly the number 12 stood out.  Yes there had been 12 volunteers in the study. "Oh my God" she cried into Cody's shoulder.  "There are eight more participants unaccounted for." she tried to stifle her sob.  But the sorrow she felt was overwhelming.  She could not help but feel immense responsibility for what was happening. Her body ached and she was exhausted but somehow she had to figure out away to help them.  Help whoever was left inside the center.  Somehow help put an end to this nightmare.

The horror of the events brought a deafening silence to the room now.  There was little movement from any of them as they waited for help. They took turns casually looking at each other. The putrid smell of death hung in the air.  The fear that surrounded them was almost suffocating.

Dave was the first to  jump up when the sirens could be heard just outside the doors.  He rushed past Josiah to meet the squad car.  Just as he rounded the corner he was knocked to the floor.  "Jesus, what the fuck."  he yelled in anger and fear as he looked up into  a distorted drooling face with, gnashing teeth.  With in seconds the rabid human had pounced on him and chunks of flesh were  ripped from his flailing arms and then his  throat.  He fought desperately to pull his gun from his holster. But what was left of his right left arm dangled almost lifeless. Pain ripped through him as he felt his clothes soak with blood.  He screamed in agony as the animal like human continued its attack on him.  The sound of teeth gnawing on his forearm was the last sound he heard as darkness surrounded him and life faded away.

Josiah reached the hallway in enough time to see Dave lay beneath the flesh eating monster.  He fired  at the head, blood and human tissue exploded, much of it covering Dave's face.  He paused for a moment waiting  for signs of movement before running to help Dave. He dragged the headless creature off him.  Dave laid there motionless. Josiah stared down at the man cursing under his breath.  He was gone.