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Thursday, April 16, 2015

prom with a promise

Instantly I saw Cody's face light up as he saw Kayla approaching.  He looked so mature and handsome in his black  tuxedo.  His charming smile dazzling almost as much as the  diamond stud earrings he wore. Completely captivated,  as he watched the young woman who had captured his heart 2 years ago  walk towards him.  Her beautiful purple beaded gown glistened as the setting sun surrounded her.  On top of her head  perfectly placed sat a sparkling tiara.  She was his princess, his Cinderella  and he her prince Charming , this was to be their night of nights.  She smiled shyly down at him as she reached his side.  Together they went inside to join the other young couples that were lining up for  the Grand March. 

 The night had finally come that would give Kayla and Cody their magical moment on the dance floor.  I stood off to the side snapping photos next to  Kayla's mother Linda, while her father Peter and my sister Marie captured shots from another angle.  All  of us  over joyed that our children were sharing this special  night together. It had broken all our hearts when almost a year ago to the day,  as fate would have it, the  High School Prom night had been traumatically altered for this very special couple. But today thanks to the Shriners Annual Prom Cody and Kayla were offered another chance to fulfill a dream.

 I stood looking down  the long corridor feeling extreme happiness. Something I had not felt in quite a while.  Young  ladies in beautiful gowns lined the hallway escorted by  handsome young men in tuxes.  My two sons in wheelchairs and their lovely dates were first in the line for the Grand March.  It seemed already magic  was at work to our advantage.  Having both my sons  in front of the line would help keep them from letting anticipation grow to much. With cameras in hand we snapped picture after picture of our children as they were introduced to the waiting crowd.  First my youngest son Josiah with my niece Kayla looking adorable in his white tuxedo coat and her in a  beautiful glittery  cream knee length dress.  Followed by his big brother Cody.  Linda and I  sharing in our emotions of pure joy as we listened to Kayla and Cody be announced. This was a chance that  allowed  them both  the experience to feel like every other Teenager .  A mile stone for them that was not limited or in anyway inhibited  by their physical challenges.  A night where they were presented just like all the other young  couples.  A night that would give them lasting memories. A night that would also to our surprise fill our hearts as parents with deep admiration for both Kayla and Cody.

It was a beautiful night, everything seemed to be going smoothly, we watched  Cody and Kayla shine as they danced together. While  Linda and I paraded around them like Paparazzi they handled the constant click of cameras with out complaint.  Towards the end of the night as we stood encircled around the two discussing a few other last  photo options that we should take of them together, Kayla and Cody took it upon themselves to create a magical moment.  A moment that caught us all in surprise. Seizing the opportunity perfectly  Kayla quickly assisted in handing Cody a ring with a sparkling stone. Without any hesitation Cody very carefully  placed the ring on her finger asking Kayla to marry him.  We stood surrounding them holding  our hearts and our tears of joy.  Kayla very gently bent down to Cody to seal the acceptance  with a kiss.

Every parent has hopes and dreams for their children, even special needs parents.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  The magical  moments in life that can make hope a reality.  

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