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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tony headed straight for the car his assistant Vanessa had waiting for him.  He really wanted to stop for a drink before going to the center but the last message  he received from Nathan had sounded urgent. To urgent he thought to himself.  He tried Nathans phone again.  "Damn voice mail.  Just where in the hell could he be."  Tony said mostly to himself.  He looked around the town car, disgusted that Vanessa did not book him a supplied limo.  Jesus after all he is the CEO.   Just as he felt the agitation rise Eve's face flashed through  his mind unexpectedly, diverting his thoughts momentarily. "Eve" he said softly to himself.  He felt a warm sensation rise up his inner thigh as he said her name again.  Her curvy figure quickly flashed before him.  Damn he had a lust for her he could hardly control.   Just how bad  did  Eve mess up things he wondered, still hoping his assistant Nathan was dramatizing things out. Well he thought,  he would clear things up and hang on to hopes of getting  to know Eve  a little better before he exposed her for this mess.  Or if not, the hot little number from the plane would certainly satisfy his needs. Kayla's alluring face rose the temperature up a little  more.  He closed his smoldering eyes for a second as he envisioned having them both.  The ring of his cell phone quickly interrupted his adulterated thoughts.

"You have got to get here quick.  The place is a bloody battle field.  Nathan yelled into the phone.  "Don't tell me to settle down.  I am getting out of here."  Tony kept his voice  low as he tried to instruct Nathan. "Calm down we can still cover our tracks, but we need those files on every recruit from  the study now.  If I go down I am taking you with me understand."  Nathan shook his head and wiped some sweat from his brow before he spoke. "I am not going back in there.  What part don't you understand of what  I told you.   I just watched  some animal like human attack a cop and then watched him get his  freak en head blown off by another cop as he bit into the first cops throat.  Its crazy man.  There is blood and  body parts  all over.  You can get your own damn precious files yourself.  There are more  police outside the compound trying to control the man eating creatures." Tony felt his temper rise.  Man eating creatures unlikely -he thought to himself.  But fine he would entertain the thought for Nathans sake. He could not lose him now.  He needed the little pricks help even if he was turning into a raving lunatic.  He decided  he could dispose of him later. "Okay  okay breath.  I am listening to you.  Are you in a safe place Nathan?"  He asked trying to sound concerned. "Can you tell me where Eve is or  any of the other staff members?"  "I got a glimpse of Eve earlier.  After the first shot I heard her scream and saw her outside with three men. but I am unsure of the others.  Its  hard to tell who is laying outside headless.  Its insane,  grotesque.  I -I ". He stammered "I am scared really scared man."  " Nathan I  am about 20 minutes away. You keep yourself safe but you have to locate those files and destroy them if you have too.  I have someone else already working on the files online. Nathan you have got to stay calm, our careers our lively hood is in your hands.  This will all be over soon.  Get back in Eve's office and keep searching."   Nathan felt better knowing Tony was on his way.  This did not seem real. It could not be real. "Okay man just get here I'll do what I can."

He saw the hideous creature move towards him. Saliva streaming from his snarling  grey lips.  He just stared at him with  glazed over amber shade eyes. He paused drooling and staring. Nathan  watched as the man clenched his teeth together and almost growled.  He took a step backwards as fear like he had never known invaded him.   His foot hit something that moved and caught him off guard. Nathans  phone flew out of his hand  and he felt himself tumble backwards into a chair.  The rabid man moved in fast.  Nathan screamed as his attacker lunged at him. He raised his fist to fight off the assault. The man hardly seemed  stunned by the impact.  Before he could move again he  felt  flesh from his arm being torn off and then another bite.  Excruciating pain traveled up his arm.  He looked to his side for some sort of weapon to help aid in  his defense.  Before he could even turn his head back he felt a piece of his neck savagely  being ripped from him.  His last thought was how much he would miss his children.  his world went dark.