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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The squad car pulled sharply up into the Research Centers yard.  The two men eyed the area quickly before opening their doors.  They studied the 2 empty squad cars and ambulance parked near the  front of the entrance, momentarily.  Immediately Blake picked up his radio and called back to the station to give a report.  As he looked about the compounds yard, the site he saw was almost  too gruesome for words.  But somehow, he managed to report  the abandoned vehicles and the casualties he could see  laying  outside the compound.

  George was the first to step out of the squad car.   Even though the sun was still shining high on the lazy hot afternoon, he felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck and a slight chill run down his spine.  Carefully he placed  his hand on the butt of his pistol he kept in his  holster and looked around the  yard.  Nothing was moving and  the place was silent.  Too silent.   He turned to his left to get a better view of the two bodies that laid near the side of the building.   Cautiously he stepped closer to  the motionless heap of  flesh.  His eyes moved swiftly surveying the yard as he walked.  He felt his stomach turn as a light  breeze sent a whiff of a horrible stench into the air.  George had spent time in his younger years hunting with his grandfather.  The smell triggered a memory of a time years ago while hunting, when he and his grandfather had come across a partially decayed deer.  No doubt an untracked  animal that had fled and finally laid to rest after being wounded.     Yes, he thought to him self,  that is the smell of rotting flesh.  George quickly covered his nostrils with his free hand as he tried to  fight back the sudden need to purge.  As he he moved closer he could see that the bodies were soaked with blood.  Both  appeared to be men.  One laid   half  on top of the other with its face down.  As he looked closer he could see that a large portion of the top of his skull had been blown away. It looked like as if  by some sort of gun or pistol.  Bone and brain remains protruded from what was left of the skull.   He also noticed a 3 inch wide open gaping wound on the neck of the second body and half of its face and skull too had also been blown away, by possibly the same gunshot.   George choked as he felt the slight rise of bile creeping  up his throat. In the 6 years he had been on the force he had never came across anything like this.  He turned and  looked over to his right.  Across the yard maybe 200 ft away he could see another motionless body lying on the ground.  A pool of wet dark dirt encircling it.  Just beyond that body was yet another heap of fabric in  what looked to be a  human figure.    "What the hell happened-what is going on  here" he softly said to himself.  He turned to look back at his squad car,  just as Blake began to make his way towards  him.

 "What in the name of Jesus is going on?"  Blake asked trying to accept what he was actually seeing.  "I don't know".   George answered.  "Jesus, I don't know- Something or someone looks as if they have gone mad".   Blake covered his mouth as the same disgusting smell that had caused George to gag drifted through the air again.  "Oh God what is that putrid smell.?" Blake asked almost choking as he spoke. George looked at him squishing up his face.  " I think its coming from these bodies." "How long do you think  it takes a body to smell  like that"?  he asked  his partner not really expecting the younger man to no anymore than he did.    Both men shook their heads as they looked around.  Without any words the two officers moved swiftly to inspect the other figures across the grounds from them.   George could not hold back any longer and  hurled his lunch as he noticed the head had been blown off this corps too.  The sight the smell and seeing his partner chuck was almost to much for Blake to hold back his own nausea any longer.   He struggled desperately  to keep his stomach contents intact.  Pieces of shredded flesh and fragments of bone and tissue lay scattered around the headless  figure lying  at their feet now. Blake felt something squish from under his shoe and stepped back for a moment to ensure he was not standing on any piece of human tissue.   "What the hell is going on.  This is a fricken crazy nightmare"   George said with fear beginning to grow with in him.    Blake only shook his head form side to side in response back.  The thick smell of death seemed as though it was suffocating him.  Both men looked at each other and then around the yard.  "We have to see whats going on inside there." He finally answered back.    Blake and George began to walk towards the compounds entrance, their pistols cocked and ready.