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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There was a time when I packed my dreams away. I felt fear surround me. Afraid of the unknown and tormented by what I knew would be the future. Unable to look past the pain that had become so much apart of our complicated lives. I was consumed by desperation and destined to keep hope alive. I had seen death. I knew the horrific pain Duchenne brought to the lives of its victims and their families. I knew its grasp only tightened as it progressed to complete its mission. I lived in the shadows of despair watching the unrelenting destruction of human life. Helpless and overwhelmed, in silence I surrendered to tears. I gave in to fear and sorrow.

That was my then. My time when fear over took my strength. A time when I was so afraid. I thought that I had reached the end. Overcome by a desire to face the challenges that lay ahead of me and my sons, I have found my strength. This is my now. I am living in the moment. I am facing my fear. I have left the past behind me. The past that once pulled me down, causing me to doubt myself. Now grasping the love and strength that surrounds me. Looking in the eyes of my sons I have found the courage I never had before. I have found away to be the me I need to be. Gone are the shadows that I use to hide in. As I look around I can't believe all the love I see. This is my now, this is the moment I will give my sons.

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