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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes it can be tough to find your back when your world has collapsed, or been ripped apart. It can be almost impossible for some of us to even pick ourselves up when we have crashed. We can become so consumed by pain that we lose ourselves completely.

Last night I thought about what makes one person quit and another one only strive harder. "God never gives us more than we can handle". We have all heard that somewhere before. Why I wonder than is there; suicide, depression, alcoholics, drug addicts. We as humans can develop a host of ailments just from stress. Hospitals have special wards just to deal with mental illness. Are we handling it, if we completely withdraw? Are we handling it, if we need a substance to help control our emotions and feelings? What makes one person emotionally stronger than the next? What is it that can separate us so differently?

It also leaves me wondering why it appears to be so easy for some of us to abandon our families in pursuit of selfish desires. Examining my own life it perplexes me that in some ways many of us will excuse one parents failure to put his childs needs first. We even will go so far as to help make excuses for in ability to cope with stress. Call it what you want but, I find myself absolutely unable to listen to any more excuses.

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