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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Though you may mean well,  please remember, I am only human.  I am a person just  like you.  I bleed when I am cut.  I cry when I hurt. I become angry when provoked. Smile when I am happy.  Like you, I also can be over come by fear when I feel helpless.  Like you, I feel joy and sadness. Like you, I seek love and love back.

I thank you for caring, and taking  time to listen.  Bless you for making  the time to read my words.  I understand the  sentiments  that you offer from the bible are meant to comfort me,  to give me hope and  inspiration when I feel devastation. It is not God I find fault with,  or his love I doubt. It is not my lack of faith that has me lost and in pain.

Just like you, I praise God for all his blessings.  Like you, I rely on hope to get me through each day. But, also like you, I am human and struggle with fear, loss and abandonment from this world.  Like you, I strive for acceptance and search for fulfillment.  Like you, I seek peace  and joy.  Like you I pray.   

Although you want to offer me support, quotes from the bible will  not make my sons disease go away.  Telling me to have hope, will not stop their disease from progressing.   Encouraging me to be strong, will not lessen my heartache as I watch them struggle daily with muscle loss.

 I ask you to please allow me the dignity to show my sorrow when my heart is breaking.  Give me  time to work through my frustration and heartache.  Be patient, while I try to heal my wounds.  
Be be the friend I can turn to in my time of need. Be the hand that holds mine when I feel alone.  Be the arms that embrace me when I need comfort.  Loan  me your heart when mine is breaking.  Help me to see light, when darkness falls upon me.  Give me understanding without judgement, forgive me of my shortcomings with out shame.  See me for all the goodness I posses.

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