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Sunday, October 19, 2014

40 years and still counting....

Today is my older sisters 40th wedding anniversary.  While she is celebrating it in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, I am at home with my sons, caring for her two dogs.  As I reflect today about the 40 years ago when they united, I am overjoyed for them.  For they truly have a love story that has outlasted many.  I cant help but ponder in the awe of its beauty- to know a " one and only true love", that has not ended.  Although this is something I have not experienced, personally in a relationship, out side of the love I have for  my sisters and sons, I can  attest as a witness to the magnitude of  strength and power unconditional love contains.

As a romantic I find love fascinating.  Even captivating.  It entices me  as a beautiful sunset over the ocean.  Its alluring colors reaching out to me.   Calling to me as though it carries promises for tomorrow, shimmering  just as it settles over the naked horizon.  

I wanted  to  write a blog in honor of  their beautiful love story.  To talk to the world about true real love. A Love that last.  Love that has grown in time, love that has strengthen from loss.  Romance that has blossomed to a deep unity of togetherness.  Two beings bonded together by an undying commitment to fulfill  each other as friends, lovers and life partners in  Holy Matrimony.  Instead I will savor my memories for perhaps another time, I will stop for now at just congratulating my sister and her husband.  I am so blessed to have these two wonderful examples of love in my life.  They demonstrate the power of love in the most beautiful raw form.  Together they are Ying and Yang.  They are each others destiny.  They are yesterday, today and tomorrow.   They are husband and wife to have  and to hold for the past 40 years and the many more wonderful years to come.

I applaud my sister Marie and her husband Bill, for never ever giving up.  For always standing side by side.  For embracing together whatever life has thrown at them, for  loving each other past the hurt and sorrow. For holding on to honor, truth, and faith with  love. For their many many sacrifices.  Most importantly their belief in each other and the love they found and nurtured throughout  these years.

Marie and Bill:
 I am so very proud of you both for honoring your vows of love and commitment to each other for 40 years.  Together you are an example of the amazing power of real love.   May God bless you always.   Love you guys.

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