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Sunday, February 1, 2015


 My heart quickened. I felt a moisture begin to form on the surface of my palms.  He stepped closer, bending slightly towards me so that our eyes locked.   I could feel the heat from his body as he pulled me into him.  It was almost as though I was  powerless against the growing attraction we shared.  His strong  muscular arms enveloped me with a force full of hunger and desire.  With his moist lips slightly parted,  he covered mine, as though inviting me to surrender to the magic between us.  His pressed lips, growing firmer against my own as I accepted his kiss.   I breathed in deep, slowly drawing in his masculine scent. Almost dizzy from the alluring aroma,  I quivered, feeling parts of me awakening to the sensuality of the moment.  His  breath heavy and warm lingered on the nape of my neck as he explored with his lips. For the moment I was entranced by the intense pleasure I was feeling.  What was it about him that  I found so irresistible, I wondered to myself.
 On the surface he seemed no different than other man I had known.  Handsome, tall, with an athletic  physique that would fare well for a  man even ten years to his junior.  He was strong with a  casual rugged bad boy  appearance.    But Inside  he was deeply complex, sensitive, connected to his emotions.    A restless soul wandering in the after math of sordid affairs that had  left him unfulfilled. He  seem to posses  at times an untamed charm that made him appear almost child like.  His zest to explore the world intrigued me.  I felt challenged and quite enticed by the variation he brought to my contained world. Yes, he was indeed different from the men that had encircled me in the past.

I could not deny any longer the passion  that existed between us. My knees grew weak as his large hands began to caress me,  sending sensations running up and down my spine.  I felt his heart beating as he held me even tighter.  There was no place I wanted to be more than right where I was.  Behind him he  closed the door slowly with  his foot. I stretched out my hand towards the wall dimming the lights. The moment was ours.   He was capturing my heart and I no longer found myself wanting to resist.  

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