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Monday, July 11, 2016

Zach collapsed just as he reached to where Josiah stood.  He felt a slight sense of relief for a moment.  What ever had attacked him seemed to be gone now.  His body trembled as a pain like he had never felt before, shot through him.  He knew he was bleeding at the neck.  He was certain he had lost  a good amount of blood just from the way he was feeling.  He felt weak, his vision was blurred and he was unable to focus.  His wound was bad and he had an eery feeling that was not all he had to worry about.  The last thing  he   remembered was fighting off  an attacker- and then something lunged at him from the side.  A person.  A crazed twisted mangled human, had blind sided him and bit him. Luckily for him it was smaller in size, in comparison to him.  It was a she, a  female he thought to himself.   None of it seemed real.  He shook his head.  But the vision flashed before him again.   Yes, he thought silently.  He had seen teeth,  heard snarling and animal like growling.  Then as he fought to free himself, he felt the bite.  The locking of teeth as it tore at his flesh.  He felt the ripping of skin and muscle as it was savagely removed from the left side of his neck.  The pain was so intense.  He also remembered feeling the gush of blood.

 The thought of dying flashed through his mind now.  "No" He cried in a muffled voice.  "I don't want to die.  Help me please, tell me how bad is it."  He was certain shock was starting to now settle in as his mind tried to accept what had happened and the intense the pain he was feeling.  The room darkened as he tried to look around.  He was slowly losing consciousness and fought hard to remain alert.

  Josiah held his arms out to  Zach as he tumbled towards him. Cody was at Josiah's side instantly to help catch him, as his slim physique slowly fell.  "Help me, please help me" Zach cried in between quicken breaths.  Cody helped Josiah gently rest Zach down on a near by lab table.  Blood dripped from his his neck on to Cody's fore- arm.  Zach's  eyes went shut for a few minutes as he took another deep breath and allowed himself to be  to laid down.  Cody's eyes followed where the trickle of blood had fallen from- the gaping wound on Zach's neck.  He felt an unexplained fear envelope him as he looked at the wound and tried to accept how all this could be happening.

 Doc Keller quickly moved in closer, to help steady the injured man and asses the wound.
Cody had seen enough bites from coyotes and wolves, that would occasionally venture on his property to prey on his live- stock, to know when he saw a bite.  He fixed his eyes on Doc's for a moment. The two men shared a long look of silence.   Just what in the hell were they dealing with he thought to himself.   He knew Doc had to know this was a bite. A bite from something.  Even before Doc spoke Cody knew what he would say.  Quietly Doc looked  down and  whispered loud enough for Cody and Josiah to hear  "its a human bite".

Josiah was on the radio again calling for an ambulance and also inquiring  where his back up was.

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