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Sunday, July 31, 2011

fly with your dream

There are times when words are not needed because love can touch us in places where mere words can not travel. Then there are also times when honor and praise bring forth a deepening connection and love towards each other.

For my first born," we will cross many roads in our lives that may break us or help us to grow stronger. My love you have certainly showed your strength, as I have. It pleases me beyond words to know that this I have passed on to you. Together we have shared heartache and devastation, only to pick up the pieces and continue forth. Together we have found the true meaning of unconditional love."

It is with great pleasure I embark on the next phase of my journey with my eldest son Zach. In the twenty one years that I have had the honor to watch him grow from boy to man, I have been blessed to see our relationship also flourish. It is with a deep respect, understanding and love that I embrace this young adult before me now. I no longer see before me a child with dreams but an accomplished young man who has openly praised me for helping him to seek out his adventure and supporting his dreams. As he continues to conquer his quest I watch with great admiration. With dignity and pride he has accepted the challenges that have been presented to him. Through sheer determination I have seen him rise from a young boy of a single parent home to become founder and CEO of his own gaming review company "Media Cows". Because of his commitment to succeed and the love he holds in his heart for his terminally ill brothers I have no doubt he will hold tightly the family values that have been bestowed upon him while his business flourishes. So it is with great pride, love and admiration I introduce my beautiful son Zach to the world. " My first born, sore, let your wings carry you far, allow your heart to guide you when you feel doubt and your mind to help you seek all that the universe can offer.
"Zach who have dared to stand out alone, you have defied the odds and you took a chance. As you open your arms to the world, it is my hope you will contniue to be an example of compassion and strength. Always stay true to yourself and do not let the doubt of others control your desires. You have witnessed what selfishness can do and you have seen what can be accomplished with love. You are on your way-to greatness

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