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Saturday, July 2, 2011

its anything but

All I can say is, I put on my bikini and its complicated. Why you ask- it fits perfect, but I am the fading old. I like my bikini but I am not sure it likes me back. LOL. I want to take it out and show it the world but I am not sure my friends approve.

Over due with my writing and with a very serious attempt at exploring the finishing touches of my book, I once again find myself lost in the midst of events surrounding me.

New relationships have been bubbling up all around. I am so excited for some of my friends and family at finding someone to engage in heart felt feelings with. I have been priviledged with romantic news and announcements. My insight to the romantic happenings surrounding me leave me so much more aware, that, yes perhaps, Love is in the air for some. However drama is even more heightened for others. I've become more and more aware of the people declaring they are in a relationship and "its complicated". This lines popularity has flourished since the Movie "Its complicated". A romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin, who after having been divorced for 8 years flirt with a short lived affair between them. The ending thankfully puts Meryl Streeps love interest toward pursuing a HEALTHY relationship with Steve Martin.

I cannot help but wonder though, the meaning behind all the postings I see lately of, in a relationship and "Its complicated". Are this many people sleeping with their exes but secretly wanting another? Really, did I miss something in my long dating life where it becomes difficult to say to someone I like you and want to see just you. Somehow after our grade school days of passing love notes around- some of us have graduated from "Do you like me" check here yes or no to the popular "ITS COMPLICATED". I find it even more perplexing to see that some relationships existing are over ten years and still complicated.

What is this new relationship status? When did our feelings for someone become so widely complicated? Hoping and waiting for him or her to change is ridiculous. You need to open your eyes. If you are keeping those special feelings a secret it can not be all that good. Those of us in Love want to shout it from roof top not hide it in a locked room. Check the box already and move on. Girlfriends and boyfriends those break ups and arguments are telling you something. It is not good. Lets be honest if it is bringing out the "complicated" announcement, that might be a red flag, if you are hoping for more.

As for me I plan to work out this bikini relationship soon. Neither one of us enjoying the "Its complicated" status and need to commit to each other or move on. Tankini is on stand by.

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