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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I will hold you when you are down. I won't leave you alone to face the sorrow. You have all of me. When you are cold I will be there to keep you warm. I will show you the way when you are lost. I will bring you home. If you want to cry I will dry your eyes. I will never leave you. Together we will fight. We will find strength in each other. When your muscles fail I will carry you. If your hope fades I will hold your hand and help you to find faith again. We will never give up because we have so much to give. Through shaking hands and tears of fear we will we see the sun come out again.

When I need to hear" I can" I will look to you for courage. When I am down I will let you bring me up. I will not be able to always hide my fear but, I will be strong enough to let you know I am not afraid to face my fear. I will never walk away from us. When the days seem short and the nights to long I will look at you to find the energy to get through.

By your side I will walk, in your shadow I will shine. You will be my guide on this journey. When the path becomes to rough I will lay down to help you cross. I will let you be the light that takes us from here to greater places. You are so much more than you will ever know. You are my reason to breathe, the reason I am here. There is so much more than what we see. Together we will reach out. Through you- my Josiah and Cody I will touch the world with my words. I will let your spirit soar with hope and inspiration.

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