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Sunday, April 13, 2014

the kiss

The wind whipped at my hair.  I fought to brush back the strands that had freely found there way to my  lips.  Sticking almost instantly to the shimmering  moist lip gloss I had just applied.  A twang of nervousness rushed through me. As I finally managed to set my hair free, only to be tossed by the wind once more, I could see my date.  Standing across the parking lot,  in cowboy boots and blue jeans, waiting patiently for me.  I was instantly pleased at his appearance.  He was early and he had chosen to wait for me outside in a very visible place. I found that to be a very kind gesture on his part.  His handsome smile broadened  as I drew nearer.  I noticed he was thinner than in his photo. I smiled happily as my eyes traveled upward.   His height was easily 6 his profile stated and his  face showed like his photo, that aging was definitely being kind to him.

His immediate embrace felt warm, and strong.  He had just a hint of cologne which  complimented him nicely, and for a split second I found myself relaxing in his arms.  It was almost as though I was being reunited with an old friend.  For two months we had emailed, texts and spoke over the phone.  He had  patiently waited all that time  for me to agree to a date, with out giving up.  Even with my delayed responses to his messages, he did not give up hope.  Here we were finally face to face.   His eyes actually twinkled as he stepped back to look at me again.  Like all the text messages he left for me each morning for the past month, (that let me know how beautiful he thought I was), he wasted no time to share with me now how truly captivating he found my beauty was in person.

 I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he  had brought  me a present.   Even more pleased when he handed me two lip glosses  in different shades of pink. The tubes each had a light attached to the wand  and a small mirror on the side of the tubes.  He had most definitely put some thought in his gift and did his homework in reading my profile.  I was the girl who never leaves home without lip gloss. He also said he  had brought a little something for  my two younger sons- baseball caps.  I was touched at his sweetness.
Dinner was wonderful and our ability  to converse with each other came so naturally. Not once did we have to wrestle through awkward silence.   He listened as I  spoke about my boys asking me questions with deep interest and shared with me bits about his own children. We spoke briefly about our divorces.  Sharing just a small tidbit of why our marriages ended.  I noticed as he spoke he was very respectful toward his ex, another attribute I found to be pleasant.  When dinner was done we both knew very well the feeling was mutual, we wanted to see  each other again.  He had passed all my immediate requirements  and I knew with in five minutes of seeing him face to face, I would not mind meeting his lips with a kiss sometime if we were to go out again.

As he walked me to my car we embraced again. I  was almost sad to have the  night end.  But I wanted to also hang onto the newness we shared, and let the magic of two friends bloom slowly. I  felt his lips slightly brush the top of my head as he tightened his arms around me. It felt good to be held in his arms, he was strong and I felt safe, something I had not felt in quite awhile.  I stepped back to look up into his soft warm deep green eyes, he seemed so genuine.  Slowly we moved toward each other with our eyes locked,  and ever so gently as we met, I felt his lips very lightly rest on mine. The first kiss, with our lips only partly parted, so perfect, so light and so sweetly genuine. Umm- yes we are going out again, and every morning he still is sending  me a text-  wishing me a wonderful day and  to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am.

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