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Saturday, May 3, 2014

a very special friendship

The hallway slowly began to fill up with couples. I felt my own surge of anticipation and nervousness from the excitement of the night to come.  This was an event I was not sure at one time, not to long ago, would have been a part of Codys world.  A night that held such deep meaning, not only to Cody  and his lovely friend Kayla, but also to us, the parents of these two remarkable young people.   Surrounding us were some of the most beautiful dresses adorning fellow female classmates of my son. I could hear the slight chatter of excitement  from the young girls as they exchanged greetings.  Prom night had finally come and nervously Cody was awaiting for the arrival of his special friend Kayla and another female friend Cheyenne whom he had the honor of escorting both,  tonight, in the Grand March.

We had spent the last part of the week preparing for this day and now it was with in moments of our grasp.
Cody sat in his chair shyly scanning occasionally, the groups that had begun to gather in the long  corridor just outside the auditorium. I looked over at my handsome son in his black  tux.  Emotions pushing to burst fourth.  I was almost over whelmed with pure joy at the sight of him.  My son was now a  young man, eagerly ready and waiting, to share a special night with a beautiful young lady, that he had formed a very special friendship with.

I spotted her coming towards us in the hallway with her  mother at her side.    Her beautiful purple and teal gown flowed with each step. The tiara she wore sparkled  on her head, as though she  had a halo of  diamonds illuminating from her.  I  turned Cody's chair in her direction so he could see her as she approached.  His face instantly lighting up, as his eyes sweetly  swept over her. Her shimmering lips parting as she smiled at him.

Cameras swiftly flashed as Kayla's mother and I  tried to capture every moment we could of their greeting. This was a moment that represented triumph in the lives of two very special young people, who diligently fought against  multiple challenges daily  in their delicate lives.  Without a word our eyes met, sharing in the admiration we held for our children.  For a split second it seemed nothing mattered except for the joy we could see  in the eyes of Kayla and Cody.

Ever so swiftly and without hesitation as if on cue,  Kayla bent her head slightly toward Cody and gently on his lips she  kissed him softly.  His face instinctively turned upward towards her as if the moment was destined.  Tears of heartflet joy  filled my eyes as I witnessed his first kiss from the girl who had captured his heart.

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