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Sunday, July 27, 2014

the unintended date

I hurried toward the front door of the tavern while fumbling with my rain coat I had grabbed from the back seat of my car .  I slight chill ran over my bare shoulders.  The first date of the evening had gone very well. As he walked me to my car and gently turned to embrace me goodbye, I felt positive, that yes, I would  be interested in another date. It was refreshing to meet someone who did not make me question my taste in men. Also it was  encouraging to know I could  attract a man who was not clingy and needy like the last man whom I had dated for a short period.  It was a pleasant surprise that I had actually also found this new suitor to be humorous and charming.  So charming that I was almost late for my second date of the night. A date I had only agreed to meet in  the hopes of discouraging his interest and reaffirm to him that he was not my type, even though he found me captivating over the phone.

I glanced at my reflection in the large picture window as I approached the front door.  I was pleased that I had chosen a slimming sundress, that displayed the slight curve of my hips and a halter neckline that accented my feminine shoulders.  The evening air carried a  cool summer breeze, but I was determined to not hide under my coat. I felt confident as I tossed my hair that this look was working well for me tonight.  I slowed my pace as I neared  the door, feeling happy how the evening had gone so far.  A deep voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts.  Sitting off to the side just outside of the entry I noticed a man and a woman.  It appeared it was me this man had just directed a remark too. I smiled with a slight chuckle, as he stated that " I was to pretty not to be smiling".  Very quickly I said " My smile was dependent on  what was waiting for me inside."

There was a comfortable busy crowd inside. A crowd that hummed with laughter and the buzz of excitement from a typical Friday night. A swift glance around the room let me know my date was not yet present.  I quickly grabbed a pub table near the middle of the room that faced the doorway. A bit lost in my thoughts I was almost caught by surprise when I heard a slightly familiar voice speaking to me.  The man that I had just seen outside was now standing next to me. Smiling, and seeming very confident.  He told me with an almost teasing grin  that he was the person I was suppose to be meeting.  I scanned him quickly from head to toe.  Very much liking what I saw, while enjoying his boldness and the  humor in his approach to me.  Instantly I found myself a bit drawn to him.  Apart of me wished truly that he was the date I was suppose to be meeting.

Very politely and rather quickly he suggested he wait with me for my date. Before I even had time to consider objecting (which truthfully was not what I  intended to do) he was making himself comfortable while also extending an invitation to  me, to come join his party of family and friends, just across the room from me,  if I still felt so compelled to wait for my apparent no show. Indeed this tall handsome stranger was intriguing and if nothing more a sweet answer to the fact that I was being stood up.

After waiting for 15 minutes I did finally agree to  accept my  new friends invitation.  I felt a definite connection, as I learned we knew some of the same people and  were graduates of the  same high school, though from different years. He was a home boy, which made conversation easy and helped me to feel comfortable  with  the people in his party.

The evening ended with us exchanging numbers and me agreeing to a dinner date with him the next night.   We shared an attraction to each other and  it almost seemed too simple to be real.  He saw me, approached me, and took a chance.  I found myself now feeling very  pleased my second date did  not show up and  more importantly I was feeling excited about seeing him again the next night and any thoughts i had left  of my first date that evening were fading fast.  

For  the record:
 We have been happily dating  for almost 2 months  from that night we met-It never ceases to amaze me just how  somethings have a wonderful way of working out when you least expect it.

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