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Friday, August 29, 2014


I drove around tears freely falling with only one thought.  I can run, I can hide but when the day is done  reality grabs me and captures the very essence of my being.  Challenged I take one step forward and face the world she has brought to me.  I can be as tough as nails as cold as ice and there is one thing in this world that breaks me down, dropping me to my knees.  DUCHENNE.  My enemy, my life mate, my fear above all fears. The one thing that has been  constant in my world, the one thing that controls my life.  It dictates my emotions, my thoughts, my hope, my dreams and the way I see the world.

Where ever I  go whatever I choose  to do it is  Duchenne that decides how its done, how long I have, what the outcome may have and the choices I need to make to make it all happen.  I am lucky I have strength and the belief in myself to use my  courage to face failure.

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