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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Josiah my youngest became ill this evening. Seems a strain of a virus has interupted our lives. While I held Josiah in my arms this evening he fell a sleep. At last a moment of rest for his fatigued little body. He breathed deep with a kind of half snore and was beginning to feel warm to the touch. Rest was good and needed.

Tenderly I ran my fingers through his hair gently stroking his forehead every so often. My thoughts drifted away from the movie I had been watching. I looked down at Josiah as he lay asleep in my arms. Like any parent it pained me to see my child suffer. I had spent the last few hours watching his already weaken body from DMD become weaker. Holding him was all I could do right now. Hold him, love him and wait.

Moments like this make me so aware of how much we do need and depend on others. How the big plan was not designed to have us be alone. How we need human contact and touch to be truly happy and healthy. We have all heard miraculous stories of healings. Some through touch others through prayer. All having a few things in common; compassion, love and faith from someone some where.

I am not sure we will ever know why some of us seem to suffer more than others. Why we have some who live through tragedy and others who do not. Why children die or some elderly adults are left alone and forgotten. Its those times when someone we know is ill or hurting that give us the opportunity to show compassion and love. When we are needed to offer our healing touch of kindness. Our love.

I close in thought: God created mothers, to hold and heal. Oh, I do so miss mine.

This virus shall pass and I am hoping soon. Super mom I am not. I am finding it difficult to assist Cody while holding Josiah and his bucket.

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