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Sunday, February 2, 2014

the new

I gave my image a quick  glance over through the glass window.  Pleased at the reflection that smiled back at me, I slowly entered the heavy wood framed doors.  A tinge  of nervousness caused a small flutter with in my abdomen, as I carefully  scanned the dimly lit bar room.  Trying  desperately to keep the photographed face of my date pictured in my mind while I searched for him.

 It had been a few years since I had last been inside  Keegans Pub, and  the pleasant familiarity came rushing back to me instantly.  I had indeed enjoyed so many casual platonic meetings here in the past.  The comfort level reminding me once again why, I had  chosen this place tonight.  First dates had always been  easy for me in the previous years following my divorce.   I wondered if tonight would be any  different.  After all I was older and wiser with  nothing to loose, knowing  I would leave exactly as I came.   I felt a pair of eyes looking  at me from a cross the room,  I looked up and  there he was.  His handsome smile broadening as our eyes met.  As if on cue he rose from his chair eagerly waiting my approach.  Yes I was definitely  experiencing a slight case of the jitters.  Something I had not felt in quite sometime and found now to be  very interesting.  Why and how I wondered, did he have such an effect on me. As I reached the table, instantly he stepped forward to extend his strong hand in a firm greeting. His scent  almost tantalizing me, as his hazel eyes lingered just slightly enough, to let me know I had commanded his full attention.

Conversation and the surge of occasional  laughter managed to last between us for several hours.  I embraced his light humor and found myself almost dazzled  by the ease of our conversing.  I sighed momentarily remembering  the uneasiness I had felt earlier in the evening.  The night  simply could not have went more perfect if  I had  wrote it and rehearsed it  myself.   I was in awe of the fact that the night was shortly coming  to an end.  We rose together to say our goodbyes but  his embrace told me,  this  truly was just hello.   My nap from the dating world was over and a new journey was possibly on the verge of beginning.  I felt good  about the steps I had taken to get to where I was now,  and happy to be able to share my moving on, with a new attraction.        

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